A campaign, an experience and an alternative in the gastronomic scene.

Case study

To celebrate the 13th Street’s 10th anniversary we were asked to launch a campaign which would directly engage its regular viewers without excluding all the other action and suspense movie fans.

With 10 years behind it, 13th Street TV had turn into an authentic experience. We created the 13th Street Cuisine, a new culinary concept featuring dishes prepared by the famous spanish chef Darío Barrio and the agency team, which reflected the channel’s theme.

The 13th Street Cuisine is a campaign, an experience, a media content, a source of income and at the same time an alternative in the gastronomic scene.

The pop up restaurant took over the whole first floor of the Oscar Hotel in Madrid 

After appear in the Madrid restaurant guides that week, the place was packed for the whole month.

The Taster Menu: 10 delicious dishes for 50 euros.