Here´s to celebrate the beginning of the end of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer kills two women everyday in Spain (over 700 per year) and almost no one is aware of this. In December 2007, a vaccine was created to prevent it. For this reason, six scientific associations led by SEGO (Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics) came together to launch an awareness and prevention campaign. 

In search of a groundbreaking way to honor an important moment in history and make the news more viral than the virus itself, we decided to raise an actual monument in a public park and inscribe the names of the first 25,000 people who helped to virally spread the news using internet, online, buzz, mailings, ambient marketing, tv, prints, etc.

Because the first vaccine against cancer should never be forgotten. 



Case study

Fifty thousand people participated spreading the news about the vaccine. The name of each one of them got engraved in the monument.

26 cities pitched to house the monument. Valencia was the winner, and the Turia Gardens park the place it was built.